sometimes, i don’t know whether Shinhwa is just really good at acting out the emotions of a song or they really portray what they feel.

I’ve watched countless of live performances of ‘Hurts’ and paid attention to all the members as they sang. of course, ‘Hurts’ being a sad song, they had a sullen look on the whole time. but this video… just… stopped my heart.

DongWan just looked so… sincere as he sang. his expressions and movements as the song went on made me feel like he was really hurting on the inside. especially at 1:30 when he rubbed his eyes and covered his mouth a little like he was thinking about something. just the whole time, he looked like he was trying to pull himself together.

i’m not trying to instigate anything, it’s just what i felt as I watched this for the millionth time. however, he did reveal on Happy Together that he had just ended a relationship around the time Shinhwa had their comeback. so… maybe? :/

again, it is just my opinion and what i felt as i watched. 

(Cr. Aly Reyes)

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how was your day today?

It was pretty boring, anonchi. Since I’m on winter break, I tend to go to sleep at 7 am and wake up by 1 or 2 pm… That if I actually sleep lol. The highlight of my day was the release of the new JYJ album. that oh my god, it’s perfect, you should listen to it anonchi~ but that’s pretty much it, now I’m sitting here, translating the shinhwa broadcast until I decide to get up and do my workout routine… and that’s going to be in about 5 minutes lmao. My day wasn’t much fun since I wasn’t feeling very well ;; but tomorrow is gonna be exciting~ yay~

ask me anything you want (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

He is actually the nicest.

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Are you Hyesung biased?
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Re-blog if you’re accepting anonymous asks from anyone about anything

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…was that really necessary…

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